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So exactly 1 year and 7 days ago I made a blog post letting the world know that my website was going through a makeover.  Well, guess what???  It’s not completely finished just yet, but it’s good enough for the world to see (and if I’m being honest, I “broke” the old site that was live to the internet world so I had no choice to let the new site go up). 

Did it really take me 372+ days to finish my website?  No, of course not.  I started in January 2019 and worked on it until about the end of February.  Just a little here and there – in between photography sessions.  But the beginning of March always starts a busy season of high school seniors and springtime sessions.  So of course, my clients come first.  And besides, I REALLY, REALLY love and prefer photography over website building any day😊.  Then summertime came and I always found something else better to do OUTSIDE rather than sit at a computer inside.  Well, then comes back to school and fall season – in between photographing the new class of 2020 high school seniors, fall family sessions, and all the other sessions in between (newborns, babies & kids, and events) – I barely had any time left for myself, let alone time to work on my website (I’m sure I could have found the time if I really wanted to, but…it wasn’t on my top priority list of fun at the time) . 

So that brings us to the start of 2020.  For some crazy reason, all of a sudden, my website project started to really get under my skin – maybe it’s because it had been on my to-do list for almost a year.  It seemed like the perfect time too – January and February are typically slow months (not so much this year – I’ve been super busy with business headshots and commercial photography projects – but I’m absolutely grateful for that and not complaining at all – but Murphy’s Law has really shown up whenever I decided to buckle down and get to work on my website).  But in my spare time (usually Saturday nights – yes, I have a super exciting life), I really started putting in a lot of time and effort on my website – my goal was to have it completed by the end of January.  I mean really, how hard could it be to design a new website?!?!  

OH, MY STARS!!!  I can honestly say that I am now an expert at website design (not really – but I’ve learned more in the last month and half about web design that I do feel like I should have some type of certificate validating all the time I’ve spent lol) and I really realize the value in hiring a professional (oh, think of the time it would have saved me!!!).  It’s so much more than just buying a template and plugging in your words and images.  I mean you could do that, but I wanted a truly unique, custom website that was ME – SHEILA HEBERT OF SHEILA HEBERT PHOTOGRAPHY – instead of just a typical photographer’s website.

Well, I am proud to say – TADA – HERE IT IS!  I still have some fine-tuning and polishing to do.  I need to do the FINAL proofreading one more time and have a to-do list of things that I will need to do and update (like maybe a new family session for my own family to replace that image from 2011 – eek).  But at least for now, my website is up-to-date – somewhat.  And one lesson I’ve learned that websites are a lot like laundry – you’ve gotta do a little everyday to keep up or it can get OUT OF CONTROL!

So WELCOME to my new Sheila Hebert Photography website!  Take a look around and I’d love to know what you think. 

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