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If I’ve photographed your wedding or if you attended any larger event I’ve photographed or if we’ve had a location session, then you just might recognize this young man.  This is my nephew Sean — he’s worked for me periodically over the last four years.  Mostly he was my bag handler and my 6ft, 3in human light stand {those are very hard to come by}.  But he’s also been my office assistant when I needed him, made deliveries, at times he has run the photo booth and I’ve even strapped him with a camera occasionally to get a few candids when I couldn’t be two places at once.  But now {and I’m very PROUD to say} he works for the United States Army!!!  Today was an emotional day for my family as we watched this young man give his pledge to United States of America — I’m very heartbroken to lose my assistant, but also proud of Sean and happy he has made this commitment.  I look forward to the first letter I get from him and to the first time I get to see him after the Basic Training he’ll receive at Fort Jackson — I can only imagine the transformation that will take place!

Here are a few images taken while Sean recited his oath and some random ones while we were at the military processing center in Downtown Houston (MEPS — the military has so many acronyms:).  At 6 foot and 3 inches, Sean has always been taller than his peers and always looked a few years older.  But when I look at these images, I see a scared little boy {as write this the tears are flowing}.  It breaks my heart to look into those brilliant blue of eyes of his and not see the 19 year old man that I’ve come to know , but more like the 9 year old I remember when I put him on a roller coaster that scared the begeezus out of him.  But although today was a tough day for our family – it was also a happy day, I know Sean has made the right decision — he’s had plenty of time to think this through and it’s always what he has talked about.  I know he’ll be extremely homesick and Army Basic Training is no walk in the park, but I know in the end it will be such a positive force in his life.

I’m proud of you SeanE & Love You!!!  Hooah!!!  And remember…  God will be with you wherever you go.  Joshua 1:9



And just a few more from Sean’s high school senior session that took place back in March…

He does smile:)


Welcome to the world Mr. Cole!!!  This sweet baby was only 7 days old at the time of his session.  Cole was absolutely wonderful for his newborn session.  And Cole made sure to “christen” most of my blankets used and a few his mom brought along.  Thanks Cole — I consider your blessing an honor!!!

Along with Cole’s newborn photography session,  I also was able to get a few of Cole & big sister Maddie (& if I remember right, she “christened” her daddy during her newborn session a few years ago), Cole & Daddy, Cole & Mommy, and Cole with the whole family!!!  Yes, a few sessions combined into one.

THANK YOU Shipp Family for choosing me AGAIN to photograph a part of your family’s history — I am truly blessed & honored.



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