Hello there!  Just wanted to give a heads up that my website is currently going through the process of a makeover transformation! EXCITING!!!!

You should be able to still read the blog, check out the galleries, and all the other pages.  But there might be a few glitches here and there. One glitch I’m aware of is the contact links and page – sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.   So if you’d like to get in touch, please email me directly at info@hebertphoto.com or give me a call at 281-804-3148.

You can also check out my Facebook & Instagram (@sheilahebertphotography) to see what I’m up to and the latest work.

In the meantime, I’ll slowly be working on my website face lift over the next several weeks (in between sessions, editing, ordering, and swim practice lol).  Thanks for being patient!

I have a few questions for you? 

  • How many pictures do you have on your phone? 
  • How many pictures are saved on your computer? 
  • Do you have images still in your camera that you haven’t download yet?
  • Any old external drives laying around that you have no idea what might be on them?
  • What about from that last vacation where you swam with dolphins and paid a crazy amount of money to purchase a CD? Are those safely backed up? {true story about the dolphin cd btw}.
  • When is the last time you printed a real picture?
  • Are you having an anxiety attack just thinking about all this???

I am!  Not because you have problems (well you might), but because I have problems.  I have way too many PERSONAL digital images that I’ve let get unorganized, unprinted, and the worst…un-backed up!

Notice I said “personal” and not “client”.  Rest assured those are more secure than Fort Knox.  So why then are my own digital pictures a mess?  It’s like the pot calling the kettle black.  Well, just like you I get busy with work & family and put it off until I have more time (is there ever such a thing).  And one big difference is I don’t pay myself lol.  Such a bad excuse, but it’s the truth.  It’s only fair to my clients who pay me to feel at ease knowing that I will take care & protect their precious memories.  Which I do!

But that doesn’t solve my personal problem – protecting my own precious memories.  No worries – I have a plan.  I use this plan when I help others organize their own digital & printed pictures.  I use the plan for my own digital images (when I’m on top of my game).  The plan takes a little bit of time (well, for some of us a lot).  But once we’ve put in the hard work up front, the plan becomes a monthly maintenance routine (or quarterly – depending how fast you accumulate digital pictures).

So stick with me over the next several weeks and I’ll take you through the steps.  I’m not going to lie and say this will be easy & fun.  Sorting through digital files is usually not the most exciting thing.  It does take a commitment of time.  But it doesn’t have to be completed all in one day.  Little by little, we’ll get through it all.  And you’ll be so happy you did.  Just imagine…all of your memories organized, safely backed up, and printed so that you can enjoy them for a lifetime.

Save your story, so you can tell it forever!

Deciding what to wear for a Valentine’s Day session is key to a great session.  First of all, it’s good idea to coordinate your kid’s clothing to the sets & backdrops.  This doesn’t mean the colors all have to match, but they do need to look well together.  The backdrop choices for Sheila Hebert Photography’s have a wide range of colors, so it should be pretty easy to throw together a cute outfit.

Here’s a few ideas to help when planning for your session:

  • Are you a trendy & bold person or a classic vintage? What about your child?  Think about the overall look you want to see from the session.  Sometimes it’s fun to go against the grain.
  • Reds, pinks, creams, whites and blues go well with any Valentine’s Day set.
  • Keep it simple, but feel free to accessorize with fun props and toys.

Click here to check out my pinterest board of”What to wear” ideas for Valentine’s day sets!


This is one of my favorite things to do by far…creating my yearly “year in revew” slideshow!  I love seeing and remembering all of the smiling faces from all my sessions & events that I had the pleasure of photographing in the past year.  It reminds me how grateful I am to my clients – THANK YOU ALL for choosing & trusting me to capture your memories!  I hope you enjoy Sheila Hebert Photography’s “2018 ~ Year in Review” and here’s to a HAPPY 2019!

It’s time for the sweetest sessions of the year!!!!  

Looking for a fun, quick way to capture your little sweetheart – then look no further!  The Valentine’s Day quick-take sessions are perfect for making sure you have some updated Valentine photos of your little sweet lovies.  These sessions will only take about 30 minutes and include 6-8 digital images (sometimes a few more), an online gallery, and a print release so that you can print to your heart’s content;)

The special cost of this quick-take session is ONLY $150 (plus tax).

Sessions are being scheduled now through February 8, 2019.  And it’s easier than ever to schedule your session…you can now directly book your appointment online if you’d like (see the link below).  Of course, you can still call or email for an appointment.

Schedule Appointment

The Valentine’s Day Quick Take Sessions perfect for babies (5 months or older…strong sitters preferred) & children up to about 10 years of age  (but we can make any age work….never too young or old).   Sessions will take place at my photography studio in Splendora, Texas and we have 3 different backgrounds to choose from and are available until February 10, 2019.  For your convenience, appointment times are offered Wednesday – Friday from 10am until 6:00pm.  Saturday appointment times are VERY, VERY limited.  Please call the studio (281-804-3148) or email (info@hebertphoto.com) to schedule your appointment or for more information.

PS…No session fee to Baby Club or Graduate Members:)

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