{Mine} on Monday ~ Back To School

It’s BACK TO SCHOOL time!!!  Some parents are overly-elated that the kids are back in school and some are on the brink of a breakdown as they leave their sweet babies in a brand new classroom.  Me????  I’m a little in between…sad that my “little” is not here under my feet right now – it’s kind of quiet around here…no dance music coming from her room, no TV playing Doc McStuffins or Sophia the First, and no silly questions like “Do you want to build a snowman?”.   But on the other hand…change is nice:).  It’s nice to get back to work (catch up actually, it’s not like I took all summer off…just the last week or so).  I also love my routines and school time means we are forced (for a lack of better words) into a routine.  So here we go BACK TO SCHOOL…it’s only 177 days for us!

I hope everyone has a GREAT school year!

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