Studio Update – Week 40

Here’s my weekly studio update…

Id like to report that a lot of work was done over the last week.   And that is true… A LOT OF WORK WAS done last week (at least if you add up all the hours).   But the progress pics really don’t do justice for the actual amount of work completed.

The work we started was laying our floor.  I can tell you that I’m in love with how it looks,  but no so much with the work involved.    “Snap & click” says the instructions and to that I say “Kiss My Asterick”;).   How about “snap, click, tap, beat , pull it apart & start all over”… that’s more like it!   But {not holding our breath just yet} I think we’ve found our rhythm.

And again, I use the term “we” lightly … have to give most of the credit to my husband!   He’s amazing {and tired of this project}!

So this week we’ll continue beating the floor in.  And sometime this week I hope to find the time to do a little touch up painting and maybe buy a toilet (funny how I keep forgetting about that until I’m out in the studio working – good thing I’m not too far from the house).   Not sure though how many hours I’ll actually get in there this week….it’s a busy, busy work week for me — two different days of on-location office staff photos, a maternity session, a couple of meetings, the normal everyday things I have to do and a wedding.

So until next time…ENJOY!!!


{ps…sorry about the blurry iPhone pics}


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