Studio Update ~ Week 46

Hello There!

So for my last update I reported that we had started the process of laying the floor in the studio. WHEW – what a job that was!  But I’m happy to report that the floors are finished and WE LOVE THEM!  Another major install was getting a toilet.  WOO-HOO!  I’m not really sure why getting a toilet makes me so happy…just does.  Lori was excited too and just like most kids her age, she couldn’t wait to check it out and give it a try.  Works perfectly.  It’s the little things that make us happy:).  We also had to add the baseboards and trim – what a difference that made!  Those were the last major projects of the studio – at least for making it functional.  We still have a small punch list to go through – touch-up paint here and there, fix a few scratches in the floor, add a few minor touches to the camera room, decorate, etc. etc.  But that’s it, the major work is done!  I have no set timeline on those little things – they’ll get done when they get done.

But in the meantime, guess what???  Drum roll please….THE STUDIO IS READY & I’M IN!!!  Yep, you read right… THE STUDIO IS IN BUSINESS!  Officially, I have been in for a little over two weeks.  Moving office equipment, props, camera & studio equipment and trying to get situated and find my “zone” is taking me a little time.  And on top of that still trying to conduct business as usual.  I’ll eventually get used to everything and it will feel like home (or home away from home).  But I have to say that I am LOVING every minute of it!!!  Even if I have a hard time remembering where I put things:)

It seems that I’m always lagging behind in keeping this blog and facebook page updated, but that’s been true more so this last year as we’ve been consumed with this major project.  My little business had been bursting at the seams and taking over my house for quite awhile.  My house is really bare now that the props have all been moved to the studio (most of them anyhow) and Lori thinks she has two new playrooms to fill with toys.  But I really feel fortunate that my husband has let me take over the house for the last 8 years and given me the chance to grow.  And I’m very blessed that my husband has worked so hard on the studio build over the last year (not to mention just putting up with me in general).  I know he’s probably more thrilled about being finished than I am – he actually has a little free time in the evenings after work.  I’m also extremely grateful for all of my wonderful clients for trusting me to photograph their child, their family, wedding, or event over the past 8ish years. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my clients…THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

So here’s a few iphone pics (again excuse the quality) of the last of the progress and how the studio is coming along.




Final touches on the cabinets.

Hobby Lobby find!!!

Lori is the best help ever:)

Love my toilet – lol!

Floors, baseboards, & trim *LOVE*

TV up & random furniture from the house!

“North Light” windows in the camera room.

Another view of the camera room.

Storage {never enough}.

Office before the big move…


TODAY! Didn’t take long to fill it up:)

Props dub as furniture for now.

Lori helping AGAIN! This time she’s testing out chairs for me:)

A little bathroom décor.

Mirror hung!!!

Lori & Meow Meow for the first “official” session in the studio!




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