A few weeks back I had the honor of having my CrazyFace Photobooth for the Friendship Center’s Fall Fest 2014 in New Caney, Texas.  This was my second year to be asked and so I knew the drill.  The Friendship Center is an organization that helps our senior citizens.  They provide hot lunches at their location, meals on wheels, transportation, & many other services to keep our seniors healthy and active!  WHAT A GREAT ORGANIZATION!
Last year, I realized early on that they weren’t going to be able to experience the full effect of the photo booth unless I changed something.  WHY?  The photobooth program is set to take a picture every 7 seconds — that’s really just enough time for someone to switch out props and then get into “pose position”.  But what I didn’t think about at first is that our senior citizens are just a little slower paced.  To most 7 seconds is plenty of time, but to them 7 seconds was not even close.  Sooooo…I improvised!  They sat on the bench and I “decorated” them with props.  That sounds easy enough, right?  Well let me tell you, it will completely exhaust you!!!  Imagine trying to beat the 7 second timer for 4 different shots.  Multiply that by about 200 people/groups coming in and out of the photobooth.  And did I mention THERE ARE NO BREAKS – non-stop for 3-4 hours!!!  A great workout for sure!
This year there were even more that attended the Fall Fest!!!  From the time the doors were opened I didn’t stop !!!  It was definitely one of my  top 5 most physically demanding days in my career!  But also as one of the MOST REWARDING days EVER!!!  I loved it…the fact that I made so many people smile & laugh:).   It’s funny that no matter how young or old you are, the words “fart, poop, & pick your nose” can still make you laugh!  And one of the sweetest comments I heard was from an elderly woman.  They came to the photobooth a little nervous, not sure what to expect.  I explained what would take place and then started the sequence.  After they finished and got their print from the photobooth, this lady looked at her elderly husband and said “I’m having fun”!!!  So simple, but so sweet.  That just made my day knowing that at least I helped one person smile and have fun.  I’m sure (KNOW) there were more…judge for yourself by watching the slideshow from the day:)
Can’t wait until next year!!!  I’ll know to get extra sleep the night before:)

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