The Do’s and The Do Not’s ~ Preparing For Your Upcoming Session

With Springtime on it’s way, a lot of you are planning for photo sessions (high school seniors, family spring portraits, spring portraits for the kids, etc.) this time of year.  You have a lot of time and money invested into your session, and you want to make sure it’s worth it.   Here’s some quick advice to help you have the best photoshoot experience:
  1. Don’t be late – A photographer (especially when using natural light) plans for just enough time to have enough light during your shoot. The later you are, the less time you will have to get good quality pictures in the best circumstance.
  2. RELAX – Try your hardest not to be tense or stressed out.   Your photographer will be able to direct you in a way that will make you look great if you are willing to try everything, and trust their experience. The more tense and nervous you are, the more uncomfortable you will look, and the harder it will be to get ideas flowing and you looking natural.  And if you’re not in the picture but your kids are, the same is true.  Kids can sense when the parents are stressed and it shows in their photos.  Also, threats during a session aren’t a good idea usually (bribes yes, but threats usually tend to backfire).
  3. Go with the flow & trust the photographer –  If your photographer puts you in a specific pose, and you feel weird just trust that you look good.  I always try to show the pose and explain why.  Sometimes you feel weird while doing it, but it actually looks for good for the camera.  Just have fun, ask questions as to why if you want, and just try the pose.  If it’s too uncomfortable or you just aren’t “cool” with it – ask to try something else.  And if you have a concern (tummy area, arms, or whatever), make sure you tell your photographer!  They should be able to pose you in way that will minimize your worry areas.
  4. Don’t be last minute with your planning!  Plan out your outfit, hair, and makeup far in advance so you aren’t scrambling at the last minute. Those things make a WORLD of difference in pictures, so start researching, shopping, and getting your look together so you can feel confident instead of frustrated when you show up to your shoot.  Bring your outfits, accessories, and props to the session in an organized way.  I always suggest you put your accessories in a plastic zipper bag and slip it on the hanger of the matching outfit.
  5. And the last tip – make sure your clothes are ironed and pressed!!!  Wrinkles on clothes will SHOW & no, they can’t be “retouched” in photoshop:)
  6. Just one more tip…HAVE FUN!
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