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Are you looking for the perfect props for a photography session with your baby? I know how hard it can be, especially when you’re new to this whole parenthood thing. So I’ve come up with a few of my favorite prop ideas for babies – these are tried & true prop ideas at Sheila Hebert Photography. Read on for my list of easy and cute prop ideas for your baby’s photography session.

A Stuffed Animal (or two)

A stuffed animal is a great prop to use for a baby photography session. It can be used as decoration, held by the baby, or even used to have the baby look at it so that he or she will look directly at the camera.

If possible, choose one that will complement the color scheme of the room where the baby will be photographed. For example, if you are using blue in your baby’s nursery, you may want to use a blue stuffed animal. Its also a cute idea to use the same prop for multiple sessions (for example, use a small stuffed bear at your baby’s newborn session and use the same bear at other sessions throughout their first year).

A Favorite Blanket

A favorite blanket makes a cute prop and can be so versatile. Babies can lay on the blanket (either on their tummy or their back or both), babies can hold their favorite blanket, and using a blanket as a hoodie is always super cute.


Yes, I said food! There is nothing cuter (and messier) than a baby who thinks they can feed themselves. The best age to do this is around 6-8 months. All you need is a baby spoon, their favorite baby food, and then let them go to town!

One side note – I always recommend baby foods of a certain color – pale natural colors and orange colors always photograph best (apples, carrots, bananas, sweet potatoes, etc). Try to stay away from green especially – sweet peas can easily be mistaken for something a little less appealing.

And don’t forget about those cakes!!!

And at Sheila Hebert Photography, we don’t want you to worry about the mess. I’ll do the clean-up while you rinse your baby off in the “wash station”.

Favorite Toys From Home

Besides a favorite stuffed animal, your baby’s favorite toy from home also makes a great prop and its the perfect opportunity to really showcase who they are and what they love at this time in their life.

Think of their favorite riding toy, favorite baby doll, or maybe their favorite pastime.


Hats are always fun for babies. Its pretty fun and quite the workout! Mom puts the hat on the baby and the baby pulls the hat off – over and over again. FUN TIMES! Make sure the photographer is pretty fast.

But regardless, babies are just too cute in hats.


Balloons and babies might be some of the most unpredictable things to photograph – you really can’t pose either and you just need to go with the flow. But adding balloons to any session is always a fun idea! Balloons are colorful and eye-catching, so they add a little excitement for your baby.

So there you have it … six props for any baby photography session. Whether you decide to go with these props or come up with your own unique ideas, the right props can add fun to any photography session. In the end, picking out props for your baby’s photography session isn’t really rocket science. But it’s best to stick to a theme and then choose the props that will complement the session without being too much of a distraction. Remember, your baby’s session should be all about the baby and not the props. Have fun!

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