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It’s BACK TO SCHOOL time!!!  Some parents are overly-elated that the kids are back in school and some are on the brink of a breakdown as they leave their sweet babies in a brand new classroom.  Me????  I’m a little in between…sad that my “little” is not here under my feet right now – it’s kind of quiet around here…no dance music coming from her room, no TV playing Doc McStuffins or Sophia the First, and no silly questions like “Do you want to build a snowman?”.   But on the other hand…change is nice:).  It’s nice to get back to work (catch up actually, it’s not like I took all summer off…just the last week or so).  I also love my routines and school time means we are forced (for a lack of better words) into a routine.  So here we go BACK TO SCHOOL…it’s only 177 days for us!

I hope everyone has a GREAT school year!

Last week I had the PLEASURE of helping out the Lone Survivor Foundation by photographing an event with Marcus Luttrell and the North Cypress Medical Center.  I can’t even begin to tell you what an honor this was for me to be able to give back in my own little way.  Not only did I have the chance to meet Marcus Luttrell (Thank You & God Bless You Sir), but I also was able to meet Mr. Rigby (Mr. Lutrell’s service dog & best friend).  I instantly fell in love with Mr. Rigby!!!  However, the feeling wasn’t mutual – there was no way Mr. Rigby was leaving his owner’s side:)  And that is exactly what Mr. Rigby is trained to do. 

I’m still surprised sometimes that people haven’t heard of Lone Survivor – whether it be the book, the movie, or the foundation itself.  Please take a minute to look at the Lone Survivor Foundation website (  It truly is a great cause!  Maybe you can help support LSF in your own small way or maybe you know someone who could benefit from their help.


Here are just a few images from the event…




Say HELLO to Miss Lindsey!!!  She recently celebrated her 16th birthday (she’s a 4th of July baby:) and we did a session to celebrate this wonderful age (oh, to be 16 again…).  Although this was my first time to meet Lindsey and it was only a few hours, she made quite the impression on me.  She seems so wise beyond her 16 years and is a super sweet girl — it gives me faith in our future generations:).


HAPPY late BIRTHDAY  Lindsey & THANK YOU to you & your mom.  Your session was a joy!


Here’s my weekly studio update…

Id like to report that a lot of work was done over the last week.   And that is true… A LOT OF WORK WAS done last week (at least if you add up all the hours).   But the progress pics really don’t do justice for the actual amount of work completed.

The work we started was laying our floor.  I can tell you that I’m in love with how it looks,  but no so much with the work involved.    “Snap & click” says the instructions and to that I say “Kiss My Asterick”;).   How about “snap, click, tap, beat , pull it apart & start all over”… that’s more like it!   But {not holding our breath just yet} I think we’ve found our rhythm.

And again, I use the term “we” lightly … have to give most of the credit to my husband!   He’s amazing {and tired of this project}!

So this week we’ll continue beating the floor in.  And sometime this week I hope to find the time to do a little touch up painting and maybe buy a toilet (funny how I keep forgetting about that until I’m out in the studio working – good thing I’m not too far from the house).   Not sure though how many hours I’ll actually get in there this week….it’s a busy, busy work week for me — two different days of on-location office staff photos, a maternity session, a couple of meetings, the normal everyday things I have to do and a wedding.

So until next time…ENJOY!!!


{ps…sorry about the blurry iPhone pics}


Meet Jen and her handsome boys!!!  Jen called me a few weeks ago about a business portrait she needed for her job and a few of her boys sporting her “company shirts”.  I was more than happy that I could help.  Jen is the volunteer coordinator for the Lone Survivor Foundation.  I’m sure everyone has heard of Marcus Lutrell and his best selling book/movie Lone Survivor.  Well, the Lone Survivor Foundation is the organization that Marcus established based on his own experiences and needs of healing & making the transisition back into the civillian life after war.  Here’s a little more explanation from the LSF website

The intent was to bring the wounded service members into the same type of environment that healed Marcus. A place of solitude and beauty, where there was a close-knit and understanding support system. A place where the service members and their families could heal together as they all worked through the consequences of war. The Foundation is dedicated to honoring and remembering American service members by providing unique educational, rehabilitation, recovery, and wellness opportunities to U.S. Armed Forces members and their families.  

You may or may not know that I’m very patriotic {please don’t confuse that with political…that I am not}.  But having many family members who are or have served to protect our country makes LSF {and any organization that helps service members and/or veterans} very close to my heart.  But regardless of having family in the military, these men & women who serve our country deserve more than anyone can give them.  So again, it was a huge honor for Jen to ask me to do this {even such a little thing like providing a business portrait}.

And I look forward to giving more back to LSF in the future!

Please visit the LSF website to find out more about this organization and other ways we can all help.  Remember it’s the little things that we all can do that add up!!!

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